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Free your business from the complex demands of the PACT Act!

Our P(ACT)™ reporting tool will save you time, money and streamline your workload.

Automate your PACT reporting

The PACT (Prevention of Cigarette Trafficking) Act 2021  applies to the sale and distribution of all e-cigarette, vaping and tobacco products in the USA.

PACT registrations and reporting obligations are extremely time consuming, time sensitive and vary widely in their requirements by state. Most businesses don’t have the resources to keep up with the regulatory demands. 

Our P(ACT) Reporting tool is designed to solve this. It’s extremely simple to use, and gets your complex reporting done in 5 easy steps – for a fraction of the cost of other providers:


Simply export your monthly sales in spreadsheet format


Upload the spreadsheet file into the P(ACT)™ reporting tool.


Make adjustments & changes, correct errors, or add entries.


Generate the relevant report by state, in the appropriate format or template.


Send the PDF report electronically, or print and mail to the relevant authority.

Comply with all necessary regulations

We have developed vape-focused SaaS tools for safety concern monitoring, compliance file management, toxicological searches, SDS generation, Quality Management and reporting obligations, carefully covering every angle of your compliance requirements

We’re trusted by hundreds of brands across the USA to support and guide robust compliance strategies, to help keep your business profitable, sustainable and fully compliant. 

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